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melbourne based specialist tree root & soil consulting services 

Jenny has an established relationship and is known for her expertise in many tree root and soil moisture related areas.

Rootology's services include:
  Qualified arboricultural consultations and written reports, providing root zone and soil profile assessment, cause of damage or potential for damage, action required, and appropriate materials and methods available
Expert Witness in litigation
Tree health assessments, including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of root and soil related pests and diseases
On-site and laboratory root analysis and DNA species identification
Tree root deflector and barrier specifications and drawings
Soil moisture control barrier and engineered cut-off wall specifications and drawings
Preventative barriers for new plantings specifications and drawings
Documented installation procedures
Tree assessment and management programs
The protection of trees and buildings on development sites, and root zone preparation prior to building excavation and construction

Current clients include:
Body Corporates
Building Companies
Councils, both Metropolitan and Rural
Geotechnical Engineering
Golf Courses
Government Departments
Insurance Companies
Landscape Architecture
Private Residents
Structural Engineering tennis clubs solicitors

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