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melbourne based specialist tree root & soil consulting services 
introducing rootology

Rootology provides the complete range of solutions to damaging and potentially costly tree root and soil moisture movement problems. Recognised as setting the best practice standards for the management of tree roots and soil moisture throughout Australia, Jenny Boyer deals with both preventative and reactive situations. Jenny's skills and experience in identifying specific site conditions ensures the appropriate solution is implemented.

Our mission is to provide accurate and professional advice in relation to tree root growth and the movement of moisture through the soil profile. Based on scientific facts, research and the latest industry standards we will define the existing or potential damage to hardscape structures and make specific recommendations for the treatment or prevention of such damage.

We develop and specify long term tree root and soil moisture control management solutions. I focus on low environmental impact, for the benefit of trees, my clients and the community. ootology continues to lead the industry by providing professional, qualified and experienced advice with superior customer service.

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